Radiation in a Mammogram

Radiation Causes Cancer

We all know “radiation causes cancer”, right?    And that no one wants to get cancer, right?   Then we should make choices that keep us from as much radiation as possible.

In case you don’t already know this about radiation, it’s effects are cumulative. That means it is not like having a glass of wine at night. Next morning the effects are gone. Each exposure to radiation causes genetic changes inside our cellular DNA. Enough radiation all at once or over a period of multiple smaller exposures produces enough damage to cause cancer.

In a well respected online medical site called Medscape. Dr. Topol has a must see video called Runaway Use of Radiation Harming Patients .   He says 2-3% of cancer is caused by medical radiation and patients should be told exactly how much radiation exists in the imaging that we are exposed.

This radiation chart is very valuable

You can see that one chest x-ray equal 20= uSv and one mammogram film =400uSv.   Therefore one mammogram picture  is equal to having 20 chest x-rays.  The chest x-ray is spread out over the entire chest area.   The mammogram x-ray is condensed and focused through that small 2 inch nozzle directly into the breast tissue.  But wait, who has just one mammogram picture?

How many mammogram films do you have at each visit, 2, 4, 8?   Do the math!



Re-opening Safety Protocol Procedures Effective 9/17/2020

In an attempt to practice social distancing we will be limiting the number of patients in our waiting room at one time. Please arrive on time and without additional family members or friends. Our new schedule will be every 45 minutes giving us 30 mins for the exam and 15 minutes to clean up after patient leaves the office.


We are only seeing patients on days and times where the other doctors are out of the office.


If you are not feeling well the day of your appointment please stay home and do not come in. Call 714-363-5595 to cancel and reschedule your appointment. During this time we will not be charging for same day cancellations as long as you let us know in advance.


Prior to Appointment:

  1. Log on to our website at www.ocbreastwellness.com and access our appointment software by clicking SCHEDULE NOW to make sure your credit card information is updated properly in the system. We will not be handling credit cards or cash during your visit. IF you are unable to do this in advance we will have you read your credit card information to us rather than take your card to scan.
  2. Ask Questions prior to your appointment; there will be “minimal talking” during the exam(s). Call in advance if you have concerns or questions.

Upon Arrival:


  1. Come up to the door but do not come in until previous patient has left. A chair will be outside for your convenience.
  2. We will email you via DOCUSIGN your paperwork the day before your appointment.
  3. Bring only yourself, your keys, your cell phone & your credit card into the office. No purses, books, drinks or any other items will be allowed in the office.
  4. Please wear your mask into the office and keep it on at all times during the visit (completely covering your nose and mouth). If you don’t have one we will provide one for you.
  5. We will assess your temperature upon arrival. If your respiration is below 94 you will be sent home.

During Exam:

  1. The examiner will have the proper mask, safety goggles and gloves for protection.
  2. Remember limit talking during the breast exam. We will review your results post exam.
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