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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! for creating OC Breast Wellness! My visit was everything I hoped it would be – I felt cared for, understood and honored – I left having learned more about how I can proactively better my breast health.

Jordan is such a special young lady and uses her God given gifts to help women help themselves and, from what Jordan share with me, is a direct result of your mission to help women live happy, healthier lives.

Thank you, Janice, for all you have done to further the much needed health care of women!

Sincerely, Cheryle

Huntington Beach, CA         “WOW!! Boy am I glad I took the leap of faith and tried a thermogram.  Utterly non-invasive and super quick.. I will never have a routine mammogram again!  The office staff is assured and wonderful to work with. A very informative video outlines the entire process and action steps to ensure optimum health.  The imaging takes 7 minutes tops and the entire procedure from when I walked in the door took 35 minutes.  Have you ever entered an imaging appointment and left within an hour? I did and couldn’t believe it.  But it gets better, Dr.Hough personally called me to review my results! Incredible!  Ladies, you and your tatas deserve this excellent service and all for less than my mammogram co-pay!”

Corona Del Mar, CA          “My thermography exam was so simple and so quick.  The technician took the time to explain the process before hand, which made me feel so comfortable and at ease. In a matter of about 15-20 minutes, it was done with absolutely no discomfort. I’m very thankful to have learned about this technology and its proven accuracy and safety for my breast health.”

Houston, TX     “I was Dr. Hough’s first breast thermography patient.   I was extremely excited to do this since mammograms were so painful and harmful.  The procedure for breast thermography is painless as well as more accurate than a mammogram.  I highly recommend breast thermography.  Dr. Hough has a wonderful atmosphere in the office and a great way with his patients.”

Newport Beach, CA      “My experience with OC Breast Thermograph was excellent. The process was quick, incredibly easy and completely pain free.  The staff of OC Breast Wellness made me feel comfortable and were friendly and informative, as well.  I left my appointment feeling like I had ‘inside information’ on my health, because we were able to see what was going on inside my body right then and there. Overall, an excellent experience and service all women should use!”

Mission Viejo, CA   “I cannot recommend highly enough each woman taking the time to get a Thermography Breast exam at OC Breast Thermography. I am currently in a study of “Sisters of Sisters with Breast Cancer” as I have had an older sister with stage IV breast cancer and had 31 lymph nodes removed. A year later her daughter, 48 at the time, went through the same thing. As a result of that mental anguish I agreed to be followed with the Sister study. However, I have actually only had 2 mammograms in my life 63 years of life. I just did not like the thought of the radiation being zapped into me so I never went. I was excited to see the information on thermography and determined immediately to make an appointment.

Not only was it a comfortable experience but I learned a lot during the process by watching a video informing me on precautions I can be doing to lower my risk. It was quick, easy and the peace of mind I now have is amazing. I will be going back every 6 months to have continual exams; I am a believer and am telling everyone I know about this great procedure. Also, no waiting for results, I received a call from the doctor the next day giving results to me.”

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