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Changing the Future of Breast Exams

Interview with Janice Salmon at the OC Breast Wellness

A short 15 minutes slide presentation on the different breast exams available and their limitations and benefits to women.

Interview with Janice Salmon at the OC Breast Wellness
An alternative technology for breast exams, mammogram screening and preventative suggestions from ultrasound technician, Jordan Johnston.

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Mammogram Screening Breast Exams

Affordable Services


For Early Detection of Breast Cancer
$ 165
  • NOT covered by ins plans


Final evaluation from Board Certified Radiologist
$ 125
  • NOT covered by ins plans

Breast Thermography

For Early Detection of Breast Cancer
$ 265
  • NOT covered by ins plans

OC Breast Wellness Offers Breast Exams with Breast Ultrasound and Breast Thermography

OC Breast Exams

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Our most valuable service SureTouch Breast Exam uses a portable hand-held tactile sensing device that is far more sensitive than human touch and can detect in real time lesions in the breast as small as 5 mm. It also measures the elasticity of the lesion. And the results are instant: no waiting anxiously for test results.

SureTouch Breast Exam

Breast Thermography

The use of digital infrared imaging also known as Breast Thermography offers important information regarding the physiology of a woman’s breast.

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State of the Art Handheld Clarius Breast Ultrasound

Breast Ultrasound is an imaging test that uses sound waves to look at the inside of your breasts. A breast ultrasound is good at distinguishing a benign fluid-filled cyst from a solid mass in the breast. Ultrasound can see blood flow and determine if the edges are irregular. These are important factors in a breast exam. Pain-free, Radiation-Free with immediate results.

Breast Carcinoma
Breast Implant
Breast Cyst

A Choice for Mammogram Screening or Breast Exams in Orange County

If you are looking for a choice for breast exams in Orange County you have found ultrasound with a new state of the art technology by Clarius for screening for breast cancer. Ultrasound is not an x-ray or any type of invasive process, like that of other screening procedures. It is far more sensitive than mammography. Women find lumps in their breasts all the time. Statistics say that most breast cancers are found by self-exam or by accident, not by modern medical technology. 

The important issue is that we cannot feel a lump until it is 10mm in size which means the lump has been growing for quite some time before it is found by self exam. Ultrasound is capable of finding lesions as small as 1mm in size, and is not limited to the portion of the breast which may be imagined with mammography. Ultrasound can locate a lump anywhere in the breast tissue including in the armpit area, years before you could find it yourself. OC Breast Wellness is currently the only center for breast health offering this choice in Orange County at 11770 Warner Ave, Suite 122 Fountain Valley without a prior mammogram.

Now we have a safe, affordable, radiation-free and painless way to exam breast tissue. For a woman who is examined, the odds are very good that she will not have breast cancer. Women should no longer be afraid to get tested at a women’s health clinic or center for breast health. Despite recommendations, most women do not get mammograms in Orange County.

Only one half of the eligible women in the United States get mammograms. In 2009 the US Preventative Task Force, an independent panel of non-federal experts in prevention of breast cancer recommended that the age a woman should get a
mammogram screening
be lifted from 40 to 50 due to the radiation exposure and every other year. This is now confusing women about testing.

Ultrasound is not like the mammography process which uses a mechanical device that squashes the breast tissue and there is no waiting for results. Ultrasound exams give immediate results eliminating unnecessary anxiety and stress. If ultrasound locates a lesion the system will document the size, shape, vascularity and location of the mass in real-time. The technician will take many pictures of the entire breast in addition to the area(s) of concern.

It is beneficial to have choices for breast exams for the detection and prevention of breast cancer.

Call OC Breast Wellness today at (714) 363-5595 for an appointment or a free consultation about your risk. OC Breast Wellness is proud to be the only ultrasound center for an alternative to the mammogram in Orange County.

Contact OC Breast Wellness, an Orange County Center for Breast Health with a safer, non-invasive technology.

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