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Digital Palpation Imaging
$ 195
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For Early Detection of Breast Cancer
$ 150
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Digital Palpation Imaging
$ 195
  • Effective 2018

Suretouch &
Breast Thermography

Cost for Both Exams
$ 390
  • Effective 2018

OC Breast Wellness Offers Breast Screenings with SureTouch Breast Exams and Breast Ultrasounds

OC Breast Wellness Offers Breast Screenings with SureTouch Breast Exam and Breast Thermograph


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Our most valuable service SureTouch Breast Exam uses a portable hand-held tactile sensing device that is far more sensitive than human touch and can detect in real time lesions in the breast as small as 5 mm. It also measures the elasticity of the lesion. And the results are instant: no waiting anxiously for test results.

Breast Thermography

The use of digital infrared imaging also known as Breast Thermography offers important information regarding the physiology of a woman’s breast.

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A Choice for Breast Exams in Orange County

If you are looking for a choice for breast exams in Orange County you have found SureTouch, a new type of screening for breast cancer. SureTouch breast exam technology is not sound waves, x-rays or any type of invasive process, like that of other screening procedures. SureTouch technology is tactile, simply put, the sense of touch. There are 192 sensors in the small probe used to measure the breast tissue. It is far more sensitive than the human touch. Women find lumps in their breasts all the time. Statistics say that most breast cancers are found by self-exam or by accident, not by modern medical technology. The important issue is that we cannot feel a lump until it is 10mm in size which means the lump has been growing for quite some time before it is found by self exam. SureTouch is FDA approved to document palpable lesions; it is capable of finding lesions as small as 5mm in size, and is not limited to the portion of the breast which may be imagined with mammography. This means SureTouch can locate the lump anywhere in the breast tissue including in the armpit area, years before you could find it yourself. OC Breast Wellness is currently the only center for breast health offering this choice in Orange County at 11770 Warner Ave, Suite 111 Fountain Valley.

Now we have a safe, affordable, radiation-free and painless way to exam breast tissue. For a woman who is examined, the odds are very good that she will not have breast cancer. Women should no longer be afraid to get tested at a women’s health clinic or center for breast health. Despite recommendations, most women do not get mammograms in Orange County. 

Only one half of the eligible women in the United States get mammograms. In 2009 the US Preventative Task Force, an independent panel of non-federal experts in prevention of breast cancerrecommended that the age a women should get a mammogram screening be lifted from 40 to 50 due to the radiation exposure. This is now confusing women about testing.

SureTouch is not like the mammography process which uses a mechanical device that squashes the breast tissue and there is no waiting in for results. SureTouch exams give immediate results eliminating unnecessary anxiety and stress. If SureTouch locates a lesion the system will document the size, shape, hardness and location of the mass in real-time. The system stores a tactile video of the breast tissue. The FDA in 2003 recognized SureTouch as a device for producing surface map of the breast as an aid to document palpable breast lesions identified during a clinical breast exam.

This is another reason why it is beneficial to have choices for breast exams for the detection and prevention of breast cancer.

Call OC Breast Wellness today at (714) 363-5595 for an appointment or a free consultation about your risk. OC Breast Wellness is proud to be the only SureTouch center for an alternative to the mammogram in Orange County.

Contact OC Breast Wellness, an Orange County Center for Breast Health with a safer, non-invasive technology.

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Melinda H.
Melinda H.
19:30 13 Mar 20
I recently visited a doctor after identifying a lump in my breast. They insisted that I have a mammogram and ultrasound... but I was informed that I needed to do the mammogram first and could not just have an ultrasound. I felt that I was being pressured into something that I did not believe was necessary considering my age of only 34 and my knowledge that there are other options that are less invasive and don’t expose you to unnecessary radiation. I found OC Breast Wellness and I’m so happy I did. The staff is so friendly and they make you feel at ease. The technician Pamela was amazing and answered all my questions and concerns. I am so glad I found OC Breast Wellness and I would highly recommend they to more
18:07 10 Mar 20
I have never had a mammogram before so I didn’t know what to expect. It was super easy and pain free. The tech... explained everything in detail as far as what a normal fatty lump would look like as opposed to a cancerous one. I would recommend this place to every more
Rhonda Arvizu
Rhonda Arvizu
17:42 09 Mar 20
I had a very pleasant experience at this office this morning. As a new patient, I was a little nervous about the... results of this ultrasound. I recently had an ultrasound at my doctor’s office and was given no explanation. Today, Pam was very thorough and explained everything to me. I walked out feeling very confident with the results explained to me and glad I came. I would definitely return in the future. Thank more
Anna-Marie Grubbs
Anna-Marie Grubbs
19:27 07 Mar 20
This was the most amazing breast exam experience I have ever had and do not plan on going back to regular mammograms... again! Rochelle was welcoming and explained the process thoroughly. Pamela was very informational and kind during the exam! She was very knowledgeable and understanding with my questions and concerns! Thanks OC Breast Wellness!!read more
Susan Wojtaszek
Susan Wojtaszek
22:16 28 Feb 20
I have been coming to OC Breast Wellness for five years to get my Sure Touch breast exam. I previously had been getting... annual mammograms for many years and was concerned about the cumulative radiation exposure. Sure Touch is an inexpensive and reliable alternative to have my breasts checked for any indication of breast cancer. I still believe in mammograms and will go every 3-5 years to have that done, but have a high confidence level that my breasts are healthy in the interim. The people at OC Breast Wellness are well informed about breast health and share a lot of great information with you during your exam. The exam itself is painless and simple- similar to an ultrasound (which they can also do at their location). Can’t recommend them highly enough!read more
Entice Me
Entice Me
19:56 30 Dec 19
I love this office! They made me feel comfortable and confident that my breast cancer screening was clear. After being... “shamed” for not having a mammogram when having another procedure, I was relieved to visit OC Breast Wellness. They truly care about breast more
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In an attempt to practice social distancing we will be limiting the number of patients in our waiting room at one time. Please arrive on time and without additional family members or friends. Call us once you arrive in the parking lot. Our new schedule will be every 45 minutes giving us 30 mins for the exam and 15 minutes to clean up after patient leaves the office.

We are only seeing patients on days and times where the other doctors are out of the office.

If you are not feeling well the day of your appointment please stay home and do not come in. Call 714-363-5595 to cancel and reschedule your appointment. During this time we will not be charging for same day cancellations as long as you let us know in advance.

Prior to Appointment:

  1. Log on to our website at and access our appointment software by clicking SCHEDULE NOW to make sure your credit card information is updated properly in the system. We will not be handling credit cards or cash during your visit. IF you are unable to do this in advance we will have you read your credit card information to us rather than take your card to scan.
  2. Ask Questions prior to your appointment; there will be “minimal talking” during the exam(s). Call in advance if you have concerns or questions.

Upon Arrival:

  1. Call the office and let us know that you have arrived. Wait in your car.
  2. We will text you the documents that need to be signed on your cell phone prior to coming inside. Make sure we have your correct cell number.
  3. Bring only yourself, your keys, your cell phone & your credit card into the office. No purses, books, drinks or any other items will be allowed in the office.
  4. Please wear your mask into the office and keep it on at all times during the visit (completely covering your nose and mouth). If you don’t have one we will provide one for you.
  5. We will assess your temperature upon arrival. If your respiration is below 94 you will be sent home.

During Exam:

  1. The examiner will have the proper mask, safety goggles and gloves for protection.
  2. Remember limit talking during the breast exam. We will review your results post exam.