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OCBW Becomes the First Center in Orange County to Offer Digital Palpation Imaging—
FDA-Approved, Comfortable, Radiation-Free and Accurate Breast Exam


The statistics are alarming: 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.1 Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women2—and the most common cancer diagnosis in women besides skin cancers.3  Now there is something everyone can do to improve their odds: early detection.


Women (and men, who account for 1 percent of breast cancer cases4) in Orange County, California have a powerful new ally in the battle against breast cancer: Digital Palpation Imaging, offered exclusively at OC Breast Wellness (OCBW) in Fountain Valley. This state-of-the-art exam provides a safe, comfortable, accurate, and radiation-free way to detect lesions. (The radiation absorption from a mammogram is 20 times greater than that of a chest x-ray.)  And it’s completely painless—no squishing!


“At OC Breast Wellness, we’re committed to the prevention and early detection of cancer, so we’re thrilled to be one of the first centers in this country to offer this scientifically proven, FDA-approved procedure,” says Dr. Charles Hough, President of OC Breast Wellness. “Digital Palpation Imaging is an anatomical exam that is even more sensitive and accurate than the human touch—which itself has been proven to play a critical role in cancer screening—and it can detect cancerous lesions at a very early stage. The earlier a cancer is found, the better the prognosis.”


Digital Palpation Imaging uses a portable hand-held tactile sensing device that is far more sensitive than human touch and can detect in real time lesions in the breast as small as 5 mm. It also measures the elasticity of the lesion, making it capable of differentiating between benign and malignant breast lesions. And the results are instant: no waiting anxiously for test results. Instead, the nurse reviews and explains the results to the patient at the time of the test, empowering patients with immediate information and eliminating the stress of the unknown. OCBW is one of only eight centers in America to offer Digital Palpation Imaging.


“Digital Palpation Imaging is a new technique in the field of breast-cancer detection, and as such we are very careful about the selection of our partners,” says Jae Son, Founder and CEO of Medical Tactile Imaging, Inc., creators of the technology. “While most of the doctors we work with are oncologists, Dr. Hough’s practice is leading the way in breast cancer education and prevention in Orange County, and we’re delighted that through OC Breast Wellness, more women in this part of the country will now have access to this potentially lifesaving test.”


“Palpation Imaging is a unique advance in breast examination,” says renowned breast surgeon Cary Kaufman, MD, FACS of Bellingham Regional Breast Center in Washington State. “It provides consistency, accuracy, documentation, and predictability, taking it to the next threshold in the field of breast clinical exams.”



OC Breast Wellness—a caring, compassionate, and nurturing place committed to building relationships with patients—believes that breast examinations should be accessible and affordable for all. Digital Palpation Imaging is available at OC Breast Wellness for $150. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (714) 363-5595.

“As a woman, I know only too well that fear, cost factors, and the discomfort involved scare many women away from traditional breast exams—and fear may be our biggest challenge, because it leads to procrastination and denial,” says Janice Salmon, Director of OC Breast Wellness. “At OCBW, we offer women peace of mind, comfort, affordability, and knowledge. And knowledge regarding women’s own breast health will empower them.”


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About OC Breast Wellness

OC Breast Wellness is dedicated to reducing the prevalence of breast cancer through education, prevention, and early detection via state-of-the-art exams that are safe, accurate, painless, and radiation-free. OC Breast Wellness is currently the only center in Orange County to offer Digital Palpation Imaging. OCBW is owned by Dr. Charles Hough, a practicing chiropractor and diplomate in anti-aging medicine, and Janice Salmon, who also serves as OCBW’s Director of Operations. OCBW is a caring, compassionate, and nurturing place, committed to building relationships with its patients.



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