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Most breast cancers grow very slowly. By the time cancer is found by a mammogram or by self-examination, it has been growing for at least eight years. There is a risk assessment technology called infrared breast thermography that can detect early signs of breast cancer eight to ten years before mammography!

The Breast Thermographic Examination, BTE, uses an infrared camera to capture heat patterns of the breasts. These images are then interpreted using a computer program based on the gold-standard technique developed by Michele Gautherie, Ph.D. – director of Clinical Thermobiology Laboratories, Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg, France who studied over 100,000 women using thermography, mammography, and other tests for breast disease.

Although breast thermography was FDA approved for breast cancer risk assessment in 1982, the equipment was prohibitively expensive. Plus, reading these complex images without a computer aided technique for image interpretation made this technology unavailable for most women. Recent computer advances have now made this life saving technology more readily available to you.

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