Orange County

Alternative Breast Exams in Orange County

Is it time for you to have a breast exam done in Orange County? Does the thought of having a mammogram scare you? If you answered yes to those questions, then you’re in luck. You don’t have to be put through the discomfort that a mammogram inflicts because there are alternative breast screening examinations at OC Breast Wellness that are completely safe and pain free.

At OC Breast Wellness, you will receive a breast exam that is accurate, doesn’t hurt, and uses absolutely no harmful radiation. You will also have the peace of mind to know the results of the breast screening right away, unlike with mammograms that you have to wait anxiously for days or longer before the results finally come in.

Following a breast examination by a doctor, many women are afraid they will be put through the torture of a mammogram, because even if your doctor knows about alternative breast cancer treatments and breast exams, he or she is unlikely to prescribe it to you, as OC Breast Wellness is the only place where you can find the SureTouch system.

SureTouch is the only breast cancer exam that can detect a lump that is as small as 5mm. In addition, all of the breast exams you receive using SureTouch will be stored in video form so that they can be referred to later as comparisons against future examinations. So if you’re in need of a mammogram in Orange County, contact OC Breast Wellness at (714) 363-5595 to learn more about SureTouch and to schedule a time to come in for a free consultation.


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