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“Palpation Imaging is a unique advance to our ability to perform a breast examination. It provides consistency, accuracy, documentation and predictability that rise to the next threshold of clinical exam of the breast.” Cary S. Kaufman MD, FACS Bellingham Regional Breast Center

“I would recommend this for all women. It is comfortable and safe. Take charge of your
breast health!”

“SureTouch procedure is state of the art and the staff expresses that!”

“An easy way to get accurate assessment of your breast and early detection system for any
potential problems. A great relief and peace of mind. “

“I always wanted to be checked, I hated the thought of a mammogram. This scan made me
feel at ease quickly and I had no fear of being in pain or squished. Thank you for an amazing

“Thank you for introducing this new technology to me. I can now sleep peacefully at night.”

“Before I had the SureTouch exam I felt like I had two ticking time bombs on my chest. Now after
the exam I have real peace of mind about my “bombs.”

“I wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity to have my breast wellness exam
with your service. I had a wonderful experience! The lady who worked with me was very
knowledgeable and explained everything in detail. My results were completely negative which
gives me a wonderful peace! Cancer does run in my family so I am always concerned about
keeping myself checked in key areas.”

“I will absolutely refer OC Breast Wellness to all the ladies I speak with.”

“I just wanted to thank you for providing such a comfortable way to keep “the girls” safe. Melissa was so educational and gentle.”

“Never before have I been given a view of what they look like. Always told that if I don’t hear anything then no problems. How would I know if they dialed the wrong number? Again, thank you for bringing this technology to us in the OC.”

‘I loved the ease, accuracy and how personable the experience is. Thank you!”

“The SureTouch experience was great! Melissa was so kind and knowledgeable. I’m excited to recommend your services for patients. Dr. V”

“Something so quick, so painless, could be a life saver; more women need to be informed of this procedure”

“I was impressed with the friendliness of the staff and how pain free the procedure was in comparison to a mammogram. I highly recommend this technology to everyone.”

“I liked missing the squishing!!! Thank You.”

“Felt comfortable with the staff and ease of process”

“It felt as if I was having a very good exam and all was checked quickly.”

“So easy and I feel confident that this new technology will give me the right information along with Thermography for healthy breast analysis each year.”

“It was great to get an exam where my breasts were not smashed in order for the picture to
be taken. The technicians were very kind and calm.”

“Do it! Very pain free and very fast.”

“It is good to have an examination to see early on if there is a problem with your breast
tissue. The Procedure was painless and much easier than the ‘traditional’ methods. Thank
you for including me in your first screening. I am proud to be part of your program.”

“OC Breast Wellness gave me first-class care while providing a safe, soft-to-the touch exam that’s
right at the forefront of breast cancer testing. I even got the results within minutes–I didn’t have to go
through that stress of uncertainty while waiting weeks for test results.”

“Experience was amazing (for that kind of stuff) Will definitely send friends.”

“Enjoyed not having my breasts crushed.”

“I went to have my test yesterday and it went GREAT! I really love the “Sure Touch” method
and practice. I believe you hit the nail on the head with this one, I have been recommending
my friends and family!! Thanks for telling me about this – definitely beats a Mammogram!! I
sure will never go back to that”

“Thank you so very much for your screening. I will definitely do it every year. I will also refer people
to your facility for screening”

“I liked it and the loved the tech… Awesome experience!”

“Great, thank you. and the results were nice and flat. Just the way we want them. Well, the results of
the test anyway. Thank You!!! More peace of mind.”

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