SureTouch Technology

A Clinical Breast Exam (CBE) is performed by a health professional to feel for lumps and look for changes in the size, shape, or texture of your breasts. SureTouch works in much the same way. During the CBE, the clinician will use the SureTouch system to perform and document the examination.

The clinician uses the hand-held probe to palpate each breast. SureTouch instantly creates images of surface stress patterns which show irregularities where lesions may occur.

Abnormalities will be captured by the system, including information about the size, density and risk factor associated with the given abnormality.

Since SureTouch is up to four times more sensitive than the human sense of touch, it will detect lumps that a clinician may otherwise miss. The SureTouch examination is not hindered by breast density as are mammography and MRI. Therefore, it is ideal for screening women with dense breast tissue, particularly women under the age of 40.

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